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Nights Of Valor

Server Website For The NightsOfValor Network.


NightsOfValor Website - a fresh start and new beginning.

Welcome to the new NightsOfValor Forums. The forums now run xenForo, a big change from our old Enjin website. After a lot of discussion, between Me, Omanges, Krysllio and Jakes_Tornado we've come to agreement that our website need a fresh start. The old Enjin was amazing and served us well, however we wanted to be able to add new features and have the ability to serve our players to the best of our potential.

We also have some new features. I'll do my best to explain them. Firstly, we now have a staff page which allows new (and old) players to check out the staff and get in contact with us quickly and efficiently. Our new wiki section will allow players to check out features, commands and tutorials for the server. The wiki is editable by players and staff. If you want some more information on the wiki, check out the home page.

As part of the transition to xenForo, we have tried to move some of the original thread from the old NightsOfValor Forums. We have also set the owners of some posts to those who originally posted on the old NOV Forums. Some content will obviously be missing and won't be moved back over, however, we hope that everyone here is able to pump the posts back in.

To answer any questions, I've created a list of basic FAQ below. If you have any questions please just reply or PM me them. I'll be very happy to reply.


I donated, what about my rank?!
We're more than happy to give your rank back. Please just PM either me or @jakes_tornado and I'll sort it out. Just note that there will be a delay between receiving your rank...